Cézanne et moi


A simple typographical opening title sequence with a paint-like movie title for Danièle Thompson’s film.

End Title Sequence

Main focus was to stabilize the final drone shot done on a windy day, then match some famous mountain paintings of Cézanne with a fading ink effect.

VFX SequenceS - flashback & Dates

Some of the sequences we worked on to introduce the flashbacks and dates of the movie.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Marie Kawczynski
Director of photography Jean-Marie Dreujou
Animation Marie Kawczynski
Compositing Marie Kawczynski
Music Eric Neveux
Film director Danièle Thompson
Film production Pathé - Orange Studio - France 2 Cinéma - U Media - Alter Films
Distribution Pathé Distribution - Orange Studio Distribution 


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