Enquête à cœur ouvert


The title sequence is based on the concept of acceptance and rejection using the metaphor of ocean waves crashing on the coast. The main actors are each seen isolated on the cliffs.

We had to do two different logos for both international and French versions, because the title is not the same in France and in the other francophone countries where the series is broadcast, like Belgium.



We did the art direction and the visual effects of some sequences where the main character played by Claire Keim made nightmares. In her nightmares, images take a special tint, with an important deformation to create an awkward sensation.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Emmanuel Kraif
CGI Artists Emmanuel Kraif - Rémi Chéron
Compositing Emmanuel Kraif
Logo Tom Petitjean
Music Fabrice Aboulker - Pascal Stive
Director of photography Lou Berghmans
Series director Frank Van Passel
Series production Léonis Production
Distribution TF1


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