Fais-moi une place


« Fais-moi une place » is a documentary that aired on France 5 and was hosted by Alessandra Sublet.
A pure 60’s cartoon animation style opening title sequence !
We came to this concept because Alessandra Sublet always involves her filming crew in the documentary. Show is about her visiting known people in their private homes in foreign countries.
First episode leads us to Carole Bouquet’s home on a small island near South Italy.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Jérémy Tosseghini
Graphist Jérémy Tosseghini - Laurent Brett
Character design Dominique Carrara
Animation Jérémy Tosseghini - Maximin Spotti
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Film/Series director Cédric Terrasson
Series production France TV
Distribution France 5


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