A title sequence designed, directed and compositied by Laurent Brett in 2004 for the Florent-Emilio Siri Hollywood movie. A CG bullet-time sequence inspired by Frank Miller”s comics and a “Film noir” atmosphere (which was done before the Sin City movie by the way). Even if it seems unbelievable, we did this at 8 persons in a small company named Specimen which no longer exists. The CG was done in 3DS Max, with a V-Ray render, and the final compositing and grading of the sequence was done in Adobe After Effects.

The sequence was acclaimed in the famous book Uncredited : Graphic Design & Opening Titles in Movies written by Gemma Solana and Antonio Boneu.

Making of

A short breakdown from the bonus of the french Hostage Blu-Ray Disc and double DVD editions about the making of this title sequence.


Creative director Laurent Brett
CGI Artists Thierry “Dare” Canon - Sylvain Tardiveau - Stuzzy - Vincent Parot - Arnaud Guillon - Rachid “Pixo” Chick
Editing Laurent Brett - Olivier Gajan
Compositing Laurent Brett
Music Alexandre Desplat
Film director Florent-Emilio Siri
Film production Miramax Films - Cheyenne Enterprises - Stratus Film Co. - Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. - KG II - Hostage GmbH
Distribution Metropolitan Filmexport - Miramax Films


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