The film is about a normal french man, played by Gilles Lellouche, who is targeted by the Russian Secret Service and victim of a “kompromat”
(using and forging compromising material to harm someone's reputation).
The main title sequence takes place later during the movie, when this man is trying to escape from the secret service.

Alternative version

The first idea was to create a map that introduces the location where the action takes place, for the spectator to locate Irkoutsk in Russia and in the world. This sequence was also used to show the Kompromat logo. The first logo was hand-drawn and animated frame by frame.

Map sequences

We also did some little VFX with the adding of stylized russian maps over the screen, to represent the travelling of the character played by Gilles Lellouche during the story.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Tom Petitjean
Music Guillaume Roussel
Film director Jérôme Salle
Film production Super 8 Production
Distribution SND


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