L'école est finie


Our second collaboration with Anne Depétrini, who loves when the credits are integrated in the shots of the film. Of course, we did it in post-production, with a huge work of 3D track and compositing to be realistic.

VFX Sequences

During all the movie, we can see a little Alice in Wonderland live in the shots in 2D animation. The animation was made by Antoine Presles.

End Title sequence

The endcrawl credits uses the little Alice character two, who is falling, like in the original story when she falls in the rabbithole. Here she is playing with the types.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Marie Kawczynski - Paulin Girard
CGI Artist Paulin Girard
Director of photography Lucas Leconte
Design Marie Kawczynski
Animation Antoine Presles
Compositing Marie Kawczynski - Paulin Girard
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Music Gush
Film director Anne Depétrini
Film production NAC Films - M6 - Umedia
Distribution SND


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