A sequence we did for the satiric comedy L'Ideal directed by Frederic Beigbeder which talks about a cosmetic brand (a reference to the real brand "L'Oreal").

The opening sequence is a parody of L'Oreal corporate movies. We create a lot of shots in this sequence and clean some stock footage and original filmed clips.

The Golden ratio sequence

This is a sequence in which the hero is casting the new egery in Russia. The guy is like a machine searching for perfection, based on the "golden ratio".

War Room sequence

Some shots designed for a long sequence during which the company discover the nazi sextape of its egery. A crisis moment in the war room of L’Ideal Paris.

We created a sophisticated but realistic animation to describe all characters' comments about propagation about this viral video and the results for the cosmetic production. The sequence includes two fake commercials about skin color change.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Nicolas Pomet - Sébastien Fillinger
Compositing Sébastien Fillinger
Editing Dorian Rigal Ansous
Film director Frédéric Beigbeder
Film production Légende Films
Distribution Légende Distribution


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