La Chambre des Merveilles


The kid in the movie keeps a school book where he draws and writes his wishes. We based the title sequence on that book, and we recreated it in 3D on Cinema 4D and filled the pages with film credits, and with little drawings related to the credits. It was a huge task to recreate every drawing of the original notebook, and scan it.

End Title Sequence

The end title sequence is also based on this book, but we decided to put all credits on an endless notebook page and don’t have a classic end crawling on black screen. To fill this giant page, we drew almost 40 sketches inspired by the original kid’s drawings.

Three month later context card

We also did some graphic sequences for the film, like this time context card playing with lights and shadows of the scene.

Tag the 49th Infantry wish sequence

The movie is a quest to achieve every wish of the kid, and it is rythmed by some graphic moments where we integrate the book and the checked wishes.

Ride the Balinaise wish sequence


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Tom Petitjean
CGI Artists Axelle Salaün - Tom Petitjean
Graphists Filipe Oudot - Éthel Serer - Syna Bessaa
Compositing Tom Petitjean
Post-production supervisor Léa Sadoul
Music Bonjour Meow
Series director Lisa Azuelos
Series production Jerico Films - SND - M6 Films
Distribution SND


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