La fabuleuse aventure de Mister X


Created for the program “La nuit Techno 96” on Canal+, this fiction is divided in many segments created by directors and graphists which often worked to L’Œil du Cyclone, a Canal+ alternative art television show diffused in the 90s. Everyone chose a subject and a piece of music (in relation to psychotropic effects).

Then the show was assembled, Laurent Brett and the DJ Loïk Dury recreate a new complete mix by changing or mixing new tracks (manually matched with a MK2, by the old way…)

This fiction is kind of an OVNI that testify to the freedom and madness of the 90s. “L’esprit Canal” finally...


Creative director Laurent Brett
Music Loïk Dury
Film director Christophe Campos - Vincent Hachet
Film production Canal+
Distribution Canal+


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