Le Calendrier


Le Calendrier is a fantastic horror movie about a cursed Advent calendar. This title sequence is inspired by the traditional Bavarian identity of Christmas, in echo to the Advent calendar of the film, which comes from a German Christmas market. 

The goal was to create a warm Christmas atmosphere with the classical symbols of Christmas, before entering inside the darkness of the film.

Days cards

The movie lasts for the entire month of December, and we live every day during this period, and every day, the heroine Eva opens a new box of the calendar. We represent this with a different style of type for each day, in relation with the ambiance of the new day. The idea was to integrate the typography inside the scene in a realistic way.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Tom Petitjean
Compositing Tom Petitjean
Music Thomas Couzinier - Frédéric Kooshmanian
Film director Patrick Ridremont
Film production Sombrero Films - Siddhi Films
Distribution Alba Films


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