Les Blagues de Toto 2 - Classe verte


For this sequel of Les Blagues de Toto, we did an evolution of the first title sequence, by using a papercut style. The idea was to represent some scenes of the movie, with different ambiances, and animated little details. The story is principally about nature and environment, so we try to use a maximum of nature representations, plants, trees, flowers, and a large specter of farm elements, which is also a main subject in the film.
We used the same typographic style as the first movie’s title sequence, and also the same colors game.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Syna Bessaa - Tom Petitjean
Graphist Emmanuel Kraif
Music Romain Trouillet
Film director Pascal Bourdiaux
Film production Frakas Productions - Bidibul Productions - Superprod
Distribution SND


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