Les Invisibles


A title sequence for this polar series about a police brigade who investigates dead bodies without identities. Every element was really created, and then scanned to be recomposed and animated in Adobe After Effects. The series' police team works inside the archives room of their police station, so we were inspired by the old police files for the esthetic of the sequence, but with a folded and teared style, like pieces of paper representing pieces of a puzzle, of an investigation. The sequence is built like a police case : we begin with some little clues, which brings a context, more clues, and finally, to the resolution of this investigation.

End title sequence

The end titles represent the four character of the invisibles crew in a graphic style that suggest their faces.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Jérémy Tosseghini - Tom Petitjean
Animation Tom Petitjean
Compositing Tom Petitjean
Logo Jérémy Tosseghini
Graphist Anne-Laure Trézéguet
Music Ben Molinaro
Series directors Chris Briant - Axelle Laffont
Series production Storia Television
Distribution France 2


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