Les Ombres rouges


A title sequence of this C8 series about the return of a woman who was kidnapped in her childhood. The sequence introduces the places and characters of the show, with a scale game to destabilize the spectator with some details. All of it in a dark and crimson atmosphere which represents what the kidnapped little girl saw across the red headband her ravishers gave her.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Jérémy Tosseghini - Marie Kawczynski
Compositing Marie Kawczynski - Tom Petitjean
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Music Melanie de Biasio - Your Freedom is the End Of Me
Series director Christophe Douchand - Corinne Bergas
Series production Gétévé Productions - H2O Productions
Distribution C8


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