Les Seigneurs


When Olivier Dahan showed this movie and told me he wanted an original end title, Laurent Brett quickly remembered his old world soccer championship Panini “Argentina 78” album. We showed it to him and told our idea to make all the crew in Panini style. He thought the idea was cool and remembered his own collection of Mexico 74 as a child.

With a Canon EOS 5D, we made a rough in 2 hours the same evening. It was almost the most complicated sequence we had to make. We shot with a 100 mm macro lense Serie L.The book and stickers were made before and refers to 70′ style. Movie is about french football team on a small island formed with veterans to save a local fishers firm.

It was a way to honor the movie crew, especially the production designer who died from a heart attack during the shooting of the movie...

It was complex to prepare each shot with a 4 inch depth of field and almost-restickable pictures with Laurent’s daughter as a super great patient actress. The compositing and grading of this sequence and the fishers commercial parody sequence just before it was made in Adobe After effects, as always.

Making of


Creative director Laurent Brett
Director of photography Stephen Barcelo
Graphiste Robin Risser - Laurent Brett
Compositing Laurent Brett
Music Roger Glover - Love Is All
Film director Olivier Dahan
Film production Od Shots – Vito Films
Distribution Warner Bros. France


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