Les vengeances de Maître Poutifard


The movie is about a teacher who wants to take revenge on horrible old students he had in the past. For years, he filled a notebook with different dirty tricks he suffered off, so we based our title sequence on this book. Our main reference was obviously the Se7en’s title sequence, and we thought it was fun to introduce a comedy film with an inspired horror sequence. The treatment is really dark, with every scary movie aesthetic code, but we still add some jokes or absurd elements inside to break this creepy ambiance.

We shot almost every scene in our office, with a lot of elements created, and we played ourselves Christian Clavier’s hands. It was very entertaining to play with horror codes but with integration of classic school jokes, like April fish (and a real one), whoopie cushion or paper plane.

Freeze Frames

There is also some graphics sequence inside the movie, including a character presentation inspired by the Grindhouse’s movies, but in a handcraft paper style.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Laurent Brett - Emmanuel Kraif - Tom Petitjean
Editing Emmanuel Kraif - Tom Petitjean
Graphist Syna Bessaa
Music Pascal Lengagne
Film director Pierre François Martin-Laval
Film production Les Films du 24
Distribution UGC Distribution


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