Lola Lola - Extatic


A music video for the song Extatic performed by Lola Lola. The video clip is a mix of 3D, live shooting and 2D Adobe After Effects compositing. We shot Lola walking on a treadmill in front of a green screen, and next we integrated her into the 3D scenes.


Directors Laurent Brett - Hervé Champeaux
Video Producers Bruno Plasse - Stéphane Werner
Art directors Brett & Cie - Dominique Carrara
CGI Artist Hervé Champeaux
Director of photography Romain Calvetti
Editing Sahra Mekki - Laurent Brett
Compositing Laurent Brett
Grading Laurent Brett
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Shooting studio Klikon (Paris)
Stylist Haruka Suzuki
Make up Lorandy Mua
Hairdresser Sashiko YamaShita
Music Lola Lola - Extatic
Producer Interference


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