Master crimes


The title sequence of a series where Muriel Robin plays a former detective who investigates a murder with her school students. The first idea was to play with the idea of gears inside the brian of Muriel Robin, in an animated style with only three colors. The idea evolved to something more reel, inspired by the True Detective title sequence, to show the work inside the head of Muriel Robin. We did the gear in 3D, and did some shots of Muriel Robin in front of a green screen, to create the final sequence.

First Proposition

The first rough of the title sequence, with a modern Saul Bass style that uses the whodunits visual codes.


The evolution of the sequence, with real shots of Muriel Robin and shots of Panthéon-Sorbonne university.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Tom Petitjean
Music Yannis Dumoutiers
Series director Marwen Abdallah
Series production UGC Fiction - TF1
Distribution TF1


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