OSS 117 : Le Caire, nid d’espions


The sequence of this comedy-spy movie who takes place in the 50’s is obviously inspired by the Bass-Binder work. The graphic idea comes from a recurrent joke about the jokari beach game which inspired the lines, cubes and balls which evolve during the sequence. The idea was to recreate sets and costumes seen in the movie with these simple forms. Laurent Brett did it alone, with a little help of his friend Dr Spon for 3D arcs introduction. At the beginning, he wanted to do more things in 3D with a 2D flat rendered style, but Michel Hazanavicius insisted on keeping the 50’s graphical vibe, and he was right.


Creative director Laurent Brett
CGI Artist Stéphane “Spon” Bève
Animation Laurent Brett
Music Ludovic Bource
Film director Michel Hazanavicius
Film production Madarin Cinéma - Gaumont - M6 Films
Distribution Gaumont Columbia Tristar Films


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