This is the hundredth title sequence of Laurent Brett's career !! Proud to celebrate that with this great movie !
He was in charge of finding the look and making the compositing of this very immersive sequence which put the audience in the eye (in a POV shot) of the passed-out character waking up and going through rehabilitation in a hospital.
A long sequence that was hard to manage in After Effects (around 6mins…). Final look done with sapphire plug-ins and extra footage elements shot for that scene.
Logo design by famous hand type designer Tyrsa.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Editing Laure Gardette
Logo Design Tyrsa
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard - Patricia Colombat
Film director Grand Corps Malade - Mehdi Idir
Film production Mandarin Production - Kallouche Cinéma
Distribution Gaumont Distribution


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