Pension COmplète



A live sequence for this movie about a french cooker. It was two days of shooting on three different stages, with Canon EOS 5D Mark III macro-equipped, timelapses, GoPro shots, endoscopic lenses on Arri Alexa… The concept was to introduce the main character as a real artist.

The project won the gold prize at the 2016 Bassawards. Bon appétit !


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Dominique Carrara - Jérémy Tosseghini
Director of photography Giovanni Fiore Coltellacci - Marco Fossati
Compositing Sébastien Fillinger
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Music Dean Martin - Cha Cha de Amor
Film director Florent-Emilio Siri
Film production LGM Productions - Cinéfrance 1888
Distribution Studiocanal


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