Phil Tippett: Mad Dreams and Monsters


The end title sequence of the documentary about the VFX artist Phil Tippett. Inspired by the Leonardo Da Vinci sketch – and the crossing with the Renaissance artist and Tippett himself – we animated Paul Wee’s reproduction of Tippett's work and created a scene in Adobe After Effects, like we explore an old book with Tippett’s archives.

Main title sequence

The main title sequence show some of the Tippett's work, with stop-motion animation of creatures and robots.

Film graphics

Some graphics layouts we made for this documentary about Phil Tippett's work.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art director Jérémy Tosseghini
Drawings Paul Wee
Animation Pauline Chassari - Tom Petitjean
Post-production supervisor Orphée-Timothée Marle Ouvrard
Music Alexandre Poncet
Film directors Alexandre Poncet - Gilles Penso
Film production Frenetic Arts
Distribution Le Pacte


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