Pour l’honneur


The main title sequence had to introduce the rugby team of Tourtour and its story. We used an old photo book made in 3D on Adobe After Effects to show some archives we created, with old photos of the rugby team, and the credits handwriting like photo captions.

End Title Sequence

The end roll credits need to show the actual life of the movie’s characters, with photos of them.

Press sequence

We also did a short VFX sequence in the film, with a fictional and functional rugby ranking to show the rise of the Tourtour team in their league, and with apparition of press clipping.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Laurent Brett - Emmanuel Kraif
Graphists Syna Bessaa - Emmanuel Kraif - Tom Petitjean
Logo Tom Petitjean
Music Roméo Guillard
Film director Philippe Guillard
Film production StudioCanal - Same Player - Montauk Films
Distribution Apollo Films


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