Salade Grecque


The series is a sequel to the Cédric Klapisch trilogy (L’Auberge espagnole, Les poupées russes and Casse-tête chinois). We did an introduction sequence in the first episode to sum the precedent movie and shortly introduce the characters’ situations.

We did the stop motion animation of New York and Athens by drawing it frame by frame in Adobe Photoshop, from a Google Earth Studio reference we created before.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Art directors Adèle Cribelier - Tom Petitjean
Animation Tom Petitjean
Graphists Adèle Cribelier - Léo Gobin - Emmanuel Kraif - Tom Petitjean
Music Loïk Dury
Series director Cédric Klapisch
Series production Ce qui me meut
Distribution Amazon Studios


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