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Classic and simple for this now world many awarded movie. The first time Laurent Brett is credited in an opening title. This title is simple because we want with the director to put the audience in an immersive mood with no “extras”. Everybody would expect something more extravagant for this kind of movie. But it wasn’t easy to find the correct way to get into the film, because the first scene is a movie inside the movie.

Peppy Miller's posters and magazines sequence

A sequence designed, edited and composited by Laurent Brett. He did some magazine covers in Adobe Photoshop, with Robin Risser (that he digitally painted) and the VFX supervisor Phillipe Aubry. Four other movie posters were done for the shooting by the US crew.

The animation was done in Adobe After Effects after the posters were printed and rephotographed to get a more realistic look. We tried many ways to make this sequence (live shooting, green screen, stop motion…) but we were never satisfied by the animation final look. It was very difficult to get a 1930′s animation look which stayed clean, because the movie was not done in a parodic way. That’s why we ended in keyframe animation in Adobe After Effects.

George Valentin's Newspapers sequence

Laurent Brett worked closely with Michel Hazanavicius and Anne-Sophie Bion to make all these sequences, after Hazanavicius asked him to edit the first sequence of the film, when George Valentin (played by Jean Dujardin) is making is movie, thanks to his split screen works on OSS 117.


Creative director Laurent Brett
Graphiste Robin Risser
Editing Laurent Brett - Robin Risser - Philippe Aubry
Animation Laurent Brett - Robin Risser - Philippe Aubry
Compositing Laurent Brett - Robin Risser - Philippe Aubry
Music Ludovic Bource
Film director Michel Hazanavicius
Film production La Petite Reine
Distribution Warner Bros. France


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