Transporter 3


Contacted by the production to design all the « spies and cops » screens in the movie, we prepared video elements for the shooting with Manu Keo from Trotar. The elements were not added in post-production. We designed all the computer screens and GPS interface for Florent-Emilio Siri’s The Nest years before. We made 30 minutes original programs, and we can finally see 40 seconds in the movie, and mostly out of focus. That’s life !


Art directors Laurent Brett - Manue Keo
CGI Artists Cedric Poligné
Animation Laurent Brett
Compositing Laurent Brett
Post-production Sabotage Studio
Music Alexandre Azaria
Film director Olivier Megaton
Film production EuropaCorp - TF1 Films Production - Grive Productions - Apipoulaï - Current Entertainment
Distribution EuropaCorp Distribution


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