Une Folle Envie


The goal was to show the difficulty of making a child (the subject of the film), but with a humour dose. It's a full CGI sequence made at Sabotage Studio in Paris with Autodesk 3ds Max, a V-Ray rendering and an Adobe After Effects compositing and grading. It involved 8 people. The director made the sperm’ breathing sound himself. We were inspired by Mac Guff line work for their In Utero‘s CGI brilliant work for this french documentary, and the “Guess who’s talking” sequence.

End Title sequence

An end title sequence done with photos of the crew when they were children (including a photo of Laurent Brett himself).

VFX sequences

These are four VFX sequences we made for this movie : a Kamasutra book we recreate with original drawings, two stop-motion sequences, and a "passing time" hormonal syringe sequence. We shot all the stop-motion sequences with a Nikon camera.


Creative director Laurent Brett
CGI Artists Sabotage Studio
Compositing Laurent Brett
Music Christophe Julien
Film director Bernard Jeanjean
Film production Les Films du Kiosque
Distribution SND - Groupe M6


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